Q. Does acupuncture hurt?


A. There are many styles of acupuncture. In some styles you really don’t feel much at all. Having traveled throughout Asia and seen many styles of acupuncture, I believe it is important to feel something when you receive treatment. In fact, the ancient classic books on acupuncture stress the fact that if you don’t feel anything the treatment is not likely to be effective. With chronic pain conditions, we are trying to find the source of the pain. When we find it you will feel something, and that’s good! What you feel can be anywhere from weird and uncomfortable, to sore or achy, to painful. For most people with chronic pain, any discomfort they feel is nothing compared to the pain they experience daily. Remember, you are always the boss when it comes to your treatments, if something is more than you care to tolerate let us know. Literally billions of people have done this for thousands of years! I know you’ll be able to do it too.

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