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I started studying Chinese Medicine formally in 1989. Since then I have completed 2 different 2 year internships, one with Jing Chen L.Ac. (author and illustrator of An Anatomical Atlas of Acupuncture Points) and one with Michael Turk (author of Pain’s Healing Secret and a pioneer in the treatment of chronic pain). In addition to these internships, I studied acupuncture and herbs in Korea and lived in China for one year studying in various hospital departments. All of this training allows me to help you overcome chronic pain and other health problems faster and more economically.
I am often asked how I got started studying Chinese Medicine. My father has always been very interested in Japanese culture and he started me in Karate as a kid. This started a lifelong love affair with Asian Martial Arts. Although it sounds strange to us in the West, Martial Arts and the Healing Arts are often studied together in Asia. I think this is for a couple of reasons. One is that Martial artists are often getting bumps/bruises and sprains/strains so they are exposed to rudimentary forms of Asian Medicine which is unbeatable for most non-surgical injuries. The second reason is that the “vital points” that are best to strike in martial arts are also the “vital points” that help stimulate healing when acupuncture is applied to them.
I also run a website dedicated to acupuncture education and training.

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