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Are you in pain?

Maybe your pain is something simple, like your elbow hurts. Or maybe your pain is more than that and has taken over your life. The kind of pain that ruins your sleep. Saps your strength so that you’re tired all the time. Brings you down into a state of depression. I know what pain can do and there is hope.

Acupuncture is famous for helping with pain.

I’ve devoted the majority of my life to learning specialized techniques that get you pain free faster and have that relief last longer than I’ve ever seen before!

In fact many of my patients only need 6-10 treatments for the pain to vanish and never come back. Get back to the activities you enjoy, call (530) 403-6386 now to schedule an appointment. To learn more, sign up below for my free report on combating chronic pain and you’ll also receive an email series that explains pain and how acupuncture can help.

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