Q. Can you tell me about your background/training?


A. I started studying Chinese medicine formally in 1989. While I was in school I spent 2 years apprenticing/working for Jing Chen L.Ac., author and illustrator of the Anatomical Atlas of Acupuncture points. Also, my school selected another student and myself for a paid trip to Korea to study at the 2 largest privately owned hospitals in the country. I received my acupuncture license in 1997 and then spent a year studying in mainland China. After returning to the States, I began a private practice. I have taught in several acupuncture colleges in California and Colorado and am published in the field of acupuncture. From 2005-2007 I studied under my mentor, Michael Turk L.Ac., author of Pain’s Healing Secret and a pioneer in the treatment of chronic pain.

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